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Xavier Cugat, Desi Arnaz, and Linda Ronstadt: Let’s Rhumba!

Xavier Cugat, Desi Arnaz, and Linda Ronstadt: Let’s Rhumba!

We all know how one thing leads to another.  About a month ago, I saw a wonderful movie called Neptune’s Daughter with Esther Williams.  All of Esther Williams’ movies had a feel good atmosphere about them.  You knew you were in for gorgeous scenery, beautiful music and some hot bathing suits. . . for the time!

This particular movie also had the added attraction of Xavier Cugat and his spectacular orchestra.  In the middle of the movie, they played the most exciting Latin song called Jungle Rhumba.  As soon as I was finished with the movie, I ran to my computer to find the song so I could play it in my art room.  It took a while, but I finally located Xavier’s Jungle Rhumba and bought it.

I wanted to play it for you but I thought, what should I play with it.  It needs companionship!  One of my favorite discs is Keith Lockhart’s Latin music from The Boston Pops.  So please join us on Thursday, December 3rd at 4 pm Eastern / 1 pm Pacific Time when Movies Broadway Singers and Beyond goes Latin.  Feel the beat, have fun and just enjoy this wonderful sound.  Besides Xavier and The Pops, you will also hear Desi Arnaz, Andrea Bocelli and Linda Ronstadt.

Which brings me to Perfidia.  One of my favorite songs is Perfidia.  I have many versions of this and they are all gorgeous.  Sadly, the word means betrayal but you’d never know it from the beat.  It’s sexy, exotic and just plan gorgeous. I will play this for you by four different artists and they all sound different.  Keith’s is slow and sensual.  Linda’s version of it is from The Mambo Kings and it’s sexy with that erotic beat.

I don’t have a favorite, I love them all.  If you do, let me know what it is.  Enjoy!

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