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Wonderful! Wonderful! Johnny Mathis

Wonderful! Wonderful! Johnny Mathis

I once said that I love Johnny Mathis but that it was ok because my husband loved him too.  The greatest thrill in my life, when I was a teenager, was to go to the Latin Casino in New Jersey and see Johnny perform live and I did this many times.

I thought I had heard every Johnny song and that I had them all in my music library, but then last week I bought more music and, low and behold, I found new Johnny music that I hadn’t heard before.  After that I listened to some of the old ones and thought to myself . . . “Let’s go Johnny!”  So, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Movies Broadway Singers and Beyond will pay tribute to this extraordinary talent who has entertained us for more than 50 years.  We’re going on A Ride on a Rainbow and I promise you, it will be Wonderful Wonderful.

With a song and a paintbrush in my hand.


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