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Oh Baia!

Oh Baia!

Many of you know my passion for the song, Baia, by Johnny Mathis.  I personally listen to it all the time.  One of my favorite stories is that when I first heard this song I fell in love, and was determined to find out where the music came from.  It turns out it came from a Disney film from the 1940’s called The Three Caballeros starring that perennial heart throb, Donald Duck!

What is fascinating about this film is that the critics, at that time, were horrified because Donald was actually lusting after sexy women and that was just too much for some.  I recently had the enjoyable pleasure of seeing this movie in all of its glorious living color and what a treat.  The animators went above and beyond.  The colors and the panoramic views were breath taking, and hearing the music, Baia, in the background sent shivers up my spine.  If any of you ever get a chance to see this beautiful film, it is funny, colorful and melodic.  A treat for the senses.

I play the Johnny Mathis version all the time on the station because it’s right up there with my top 5 favorite songs. Oh Baia!

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