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Ode To Tom

Ode To Tom

I remember being in the audience when overly enthusiastic female fans threw their underwear on the stage when Tom Jones performed.  It wasn’t me.  I’ve been with my husband for 46 years.  The only place I’ve thrown my underwear is in the hamper.

But I did see Tom Jones perform many times in concert.  He was always an exciting performer and he still is an electrifying entertainer.

Several weeks ago, I blogged about Sarah Vaughan wishing that she had as many “hits” as Tom Jones and I wrote, “A career lasts a life time and ultimately leaves a legacy”.  Both Tom Jones and Sarah Vaughn were uber talented.

I recently heard a song sung by Tom called If He Should Ever Leave You, it was fantastic.  I immediately bought the disc and put it on my playlist for you.  It is so sexy and so dynamic.

This week, I am going to showcase several people who have left their mark in the music industry.  They have stood the test of time.

I will start and end this particular playlist with Tom Jone’s If He Should Ever Leave You.  So Tom thanks for the memories, old and new,  What’s New Pussycat?

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