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Movie Extravaganza Part Two

Movie Extravaganza Part Two

Movies Broadway Singers and Beyond is issuing you an Invitation to join us on another Star Trek with the First Knight.  We will be traveling with the Raiders of The Lost Ark on The Sugarland Express and The Balloon ride borrowed from The Witches of Eastwick.

On our journey we’ll try to avoid Jaws and The Swarm.  But we will have a Picnic if all is friendly.

For excitement we will experience the Seven Wonders of the World and since it’s a Big Country, we’ll need to rescue The Warlord from The Captive CityThe Cardinal, of course, will be with us. If The Empire Strikes Back we’ll get the Medicine Man and The Wind and The Lion.  Join me and Indiana Jones and The King’s Thief on Wednesday, March 22nd, at 1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific Time.  Remember, Harry Potter and Hedwig will be there for you.

Please don’t get upset and Mutiny on The Bounty because at the end, there is The Prize.

So if I sound crazy (please don’t speculate) this is what happens When You’re Alone and right now I Am Somewhere In My Memory and I am Home Alone.

With a song in my heart and a paintbrush in my hand,


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