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Movie Extravaganza Part Three

Movie Extravaganza Part Three

When I was very young I saw the movie, Tom Jones, which introduced the world to a young Albert Finney.  I was too young to understand all of the movie’s nuances but I sure developed a crush on Albert Finney and I absolutely loved the music.

As an adult I searched for the soundtrack.  At some point I was made aware that the album was released in both stereo and mono.  For many years, it was assumed that the stereo tapes were missing because only the mono album master was in the vault at MGM.  It is now assumed that they never made a stereo version and the original album sequence had no relation to how the music was presented in the film.  Everything was out of order.  Just recently the soundtrack was put on a CD in the order of how it was presented in the movie.  Only a thousand copies were made and I was lucky to get one.  Look for some of the music from the movie Tom Jones on Movies Broadway Singers and Beyond on Tuesday, April 4th at 1 pm Eastern / 10 am Pacific Time.  My favorite part of the music is the Love Theme.  It had haunted me for years.  I could play it in my head and it was wonderful to be able to hear it in reality.

It should be noted that John Addison, the composer, won the Academy Award for Best Music in 1963.  This is quite an achievement considering that his competitors were How the West Was Won, Cleopatra and several other exquisite pieces of music.

Joining John Addison’s Tom Jones will be the music from composers: Victor Young, Jerry Goldsmith, and John Williams.  You are in for a treat.  Happy listening.

With a song and a paintbrush in my hand.


Tom Jones Poster

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