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Missing You

Missing You

My passion for music goes back to my childhood. They told me that I would sing for people on the boardwalk in Atlantic City when I was a baby. My two specialty numbers were “You’re Just In Love” from the Broadway show “Call me Madam”, and “Enjoy Yourself” (it’s later than you think). The latter song was probably very thought provoking…I’m saying this tongue in cheek.

I love all kinds of music from the classics to modern music. I recently saw a concert by the immortal Dan Fogelberg called “Greetings from the West”. What a brilliant man. While we were watching, my husband said to me “He’s just wonderful. He looks wonderful.” My husband was so happy that Dan had accomplished so much and still looked great as he moved through life. I realized something…I said to my husband, “Mark, Dan Fogelberg is gone, he passed away.” Mark was shocked. Looking at Dan, one could never believe that someone so vital and young could leave us so soon.

It is a tribute to all great artists that they leave their work behind so that the generations who follow can appreciate this beauty. Dan, we loved your music. Your genius will live on forever.

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