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Happy Holidays and Sleigh Ride

Happy Holidays and Sleigh Ride

When I was young, my favorite holiday song was Sleigh Ride.  I didn’t care who performed it.  I liked every version.  I was so disappointed when the holidays were through and for some reason everyone stopped playing Sleigh Ride.  I didn’t have the money to buy the music, so all I could do was wait for the holiday season.

When I grew up and had some money, I began seeing Sleigh Ride on a lot of music discs. . . John Williams, Johnny Mathis, The Carpenters, etc.  I bought them all.

Please join us this holiday season as I play my favorite Christmas music.  Of course, you will hear Sleigh Ride a few different times done by several different artists.  They all sound wonderful and I think you will enjoy them.

I will also be playing for you a lot of The Carpenters Christmas music.  I’ve read that Karen’s favorite song that she sang was Little Altar Boy.  I can understand this.  Whenever I hear it, it makes me cry. . . in a good way.  I also want to honor the wonderful Richard Carpenter.  His talent as a musician is extraordinary and you will hear several Christmas instrumentals done by Richard.  What a talented brother and sister.  What a legacy they have left.  We will also play some John Williams, so get ready for the resounding sound of the Boston Pops doing their magic for Christmas.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.  Stay safe and enjoy!

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