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Happy Halloween: Tribute to Alan Parsons & Others

Happy Halloween: Tribute to Alan Parsons & Others

Witches, goblins and Jack-o’-lanterns bright!  On October 31st, Movies Broadway Singers and Beyond will pay tribute to Halloween!

Monday, October 31st

1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific Time


9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific Time

We will play some movie soundtracks that are definitely scary and we will play a lot of music from the extraordinary engineer, song writer, musician and record producer, Alan Parsons.  His Tales of Mystery and Imagination, which pays tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, is fantastic and if you haven’t heard it, it’s worth a listen.  This music is a little different from what we normally play, so we are going “beyond” but what better way to do it than with Alan Parsons.  With so much talent Parsons justifiably called himself a recording director and compared himself to Stanley Kubrick, directed of film.

Alan Parsons contributed to some of my favorite albums which are Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon and Al Stewart’s Year of The Cat.  He is a talented vocalist, keyboardist, bassist, guitarist and flautist.  One of my favorite Alan Parsons’ songs is from Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether from Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

In his album, I Robot, the theme was about the rise of machines and the decline of man.  It was based on Isaac Asimov’s science fiction Robot series which examined the themes of artificial intelligence.  The speculation was that, in the end, man will create a robot in his own image and it would cause his demise.  Wow!  This is as scary as witches. How timely.

I have a personal story about Alan Parsons.  About 20 years ago my husband, daughter and her friend and I were in Las Vegas waiting for the David Copperfield show to begin.  I turned around and there he was . . . Alan Parsons.  I told my husband and he got excited too.  I could tell than Alan really didn’t want to be noticed . . . .some people just get these things but that didn’t stop my husband.  He turned around and told Alan how much we loved him and his music.  My husband asked for an autograph, and even though I believe he would have preferred to be left alone, he kindly gave us an autograph and we treasure it.  Thank you, Alan Parsons.

I recently saw a new video, The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project Live In Colombia.  It was incredible and if you are a fan, don’t miss it.

So whether we explore swarms of bees, black holes or witches, we are going to take a trip to beyond.  I hope you can join us.  Happy Halloween!

With a song in my heart.


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