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George Duning: Master Of The Sensual

George Duning: Master Of The Sensual

When I want a piece of music, I will search high and low for it.  Tapes, albums, whatever I can find.  Several years back, I saw a movie called Strangers When We Meet.  It was made in 1960 and I don’t believe it was a favorite of either star, Kim Novak and Kirk Douglas.

Today it would be called a pot boiler.  It was about adultery and the repercussions.  The late Ernie Kovacs gave a wonderful performance as Kirk’s client and Walter Matthau was his usual best as Kirk’s friend and confidante.

The performances of these actors plus that of beautiful Barbara Rush gave the movie a resonance but to me, so much of the film played to me because of the beautiful music by George Duning.  After the film was over I immediately rushed to find the music of this film but low and behold, I found it never existed. . . at least that’s what I’ve learned thus far.

While on my search, I found other music by Duning.  His soundtrack from The World of Suzie Wong is spectacular, sensual and haunting, much like Strangers When We Meet.  He also composed the music for Picnic, again with Kim Novak but this time she co-starred with William Holden.

It slowly dawned on me that while the music of John Williams, Max Stein, and Danny Elfman was pulsating and thrilling beyond belief, George’s music was sensual and I loved it.  On Thursday, April 20th, at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific Time Movies Broadway Singers and Beyond will play for you the music of George Duning.  Luxuriate in this beautiful music.  It’s that good.

And for those of you who remember The Big Valley with Barbara Stanwyck, Linda Evans, Lee Majors, Peter Breck and Richard Long, George composed the music for that television show.  You will also hear music from Toys in the Attic and Bell, Book and Candle.

Oh, if anyone out there has the music for Strangers When We Meet, please, please, let me know.

With a song and a paintbrush in my hand,


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