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Errol Flynn: One of a Kind

Errol Flynn: One of a Kind

For those of you who are fans of Errol Flynn please check out our new Captain Blood movie review by Brandy Isadora on our sister website, Femmes Fatales and Fantasies Movie Poster Museum.  I have been a fan of Errol’s since childhood.  To me, he was the greatest swashbuckler of all time.  When we opened our movie poster museum we collected many original vintage Errol posters and they are truly beautiful.  So along with the movie review, you will have a chance to look at many captivating posters from Errol’s career.  I was lucky enough to meet Rory Flynn, his daughter, and get to know her.  Besides telling stories about her dad, she also shared many stories about her brother, Sean Flynn, the noted photo journalist who disappeared in South East Asia in 1970.

Also on Friday, August 11th at 3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific Time we will be playing many of the soundtracks from Errol’s films.  Listen, look and enjoy!

With a song in my heart.


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