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Mind If I Make Love to You

Mind If I Make Love to You

Mind If I Make Love to You is a gorgeous song sung by Frank Sinatra from the movie, High Society, with Frank, Grace Kelly and Bring Crosby.  I have all of Frank Sinatra’s music and this song has always been one of my favorites.  It was written by Cole Porter who has always been one of my favorite song writers. ... Read More »

Who Knew They Could Sing! Dr. Jackpot Jackson & “Luke” Duke

Brian Stokes Mitchell

Many years ago, I watched Trapper John with Pernell Roberts.  There was a wonderful young actor on the show who played Dr. Jackpot Jackson.  He was a charismatic actor and really added to the personality of the show.  Many years later, I was in New York in the audience of a Broadway play called Ragtime. Lo and behold . . ... Read More »

Birds Of A Feather

Jason Gould

What do Liza Minnelli, Jack Jones and Natalie Cole all have in common? They are great singers and they are also off-spring of equally talented singers. . . Judy Garland, Allan Jones and Nat King Cole. Now we can add another name to this illustrious group . . . Jason Gould. Jason is the son of Barbra Streisand and Elliot ... Read More »

Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole: To The Ends of The Earth

Nat King Cole

I once said that I would go to the ends of the earth to find a piece of music that I wanted.  Indeed, there have been many pieces of music for which I really had to search far and wide. Several years back, I saw a Johnny Mathis DVD which paid tribute to his 50 years in show business.  He ... Read More »

Ode To Tom

Tom Jones

I remember being in the audience when overly enthusiastic female fans threw their underwear on the stage when Tom Jones performed.  It wasn’t me.  I’ve been with my husband for 46 years.  The only place I’ve thrown my underwear is in the hamper. But I did see Tom Jones perform many times in concert.  He was always an exciting performer ... Read More »

Ah, Men

Barry Manilow

I’ve taken this title from a Betty Buckley disc where she sings the songs that have been written for men. And, she does a wonderful job. Through the years, there have been some wonderful male voices that have dominated the airwaves, the Broadway stage and the world of entertainment.  I feel so blessed to be the age I am and ... Read More »

Heart and Soul

Doris Day

How many of you remember hearing, or singing Heart and Soul?  For me, it was like Chopsticks (the song).  You sit at the piano and people just play the familiar tunes.  Actually though, I love the song Heart and Soul and no one does it better than Bea Wain from the Big Band era. The female vocalists of the past ... Read More »

Sarah Vaughan: A Career Will Last a Lifetime

Sarah Vaughan

At one point in her stellar career Sarah Vaughan told her dear friend, Billy Eckstine, that she wanted to be as popular as Tom Jones.  She wanted #1 hits and the kind of mega stardom Tom Jones had.  Billy, wisely, reminded her that in her career she sold out large concert halls, sold millions of records and had so many ... Read More »

Ladies Sing . . . The Blues, Broadway, Big Band & So Much More

Julie Budd

Recently someone posted “Before Elvis there was nothing”.  I replied “I beg to differ”.  The truth is, before Elvis there was so much beautiful music.  When you think about the singers like Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, it is overwhelming to reflect upon all that talent.  And those are just the men. The ladies included Ella ... Read More »

Ella & Eydie: Music To My Ears

Ella Fitzgerald

This coming weekend, Movies Broadway Singers and Beyond will showcase two great female singers.  Ella Fitzgerald’s career spanned many decades.  She was known as the “First Lady of Song” and the “Queen of Jazz”.  Her vocal range spanned three octaves.  She sang the songs of the great composers, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and many others. She sang with singers like ... Read More »