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I’m So Excited, I Just Can’t Hide It . . .

Frank Sinatra

On Wednesday, September 4th, at 10:00pm Eastern Time /7:00pm Pacific Time, I will host a new show Movies Broadway Singers and Beyond Pays Tribute.  Each show will have a theme and I will play some of the most beautiful music for you.  Some of this music you may know, some may be new. Our first show will pay tribute to ... Read More »

Song on the Radio

Song on the Radio

Coming of age in the 50’s and 60’s, the radio was a lifeline. No matter what your taste, there was a station that played your kind of music. I loved radio because it introduced me to some of the most beautiful music in the world. For many years, while my daughter was in junior high and high school, she competed ... Read More »

The Flip Side

Warm and Tender

Back in the days of records, producers had an A side and a B side, or flip side. They usually put equally powerful songs on the B side, but sometimes they would put throw away songs on the back. One of my favorite flip sides is “Warm and Tender” by Burt Bacharach and Syd Shaw (Hal David is also credited ... Read More »

Bridges: Sergio Mendes

Sergio Mendes Brasil

I have been following Sergio Mendes and his talented group from Brasil 65 to Brasil 88 and beyond. I love, love, love his music. Some of my favorite songs are “Bridges”, “For Me”, “Reza”, “Waters of March” and oh yeah, “Like a Lover”. We will be featuring Sergio this entire upcoming weekend here at Movies Broadway Singers and Beyond. If ... Read More »

City, Country, City

City, Country, City

Many years ago, and I do mean many, my husband took me to a store that sold stereo equipment (if they call it something else today, then I’m dating myself). However, like so many men, my husband loves audio equipment and he was convinced that we needed new speakers. I didn’t agree at all. In the store, they sat me ... Read More »